Narita Rent A Car



Please do read to avoid any issues when picking up the campervan.

– There is an excess fee of 100,000 yen. No matter how big or small the accident is if the insurance is used You will have to pay the excess fee. You have to pay even if it is a small dent/scratch

– You must not move and call the police so they can write the report. If you leave your place of incident/dent/scratch. The insurance will not cover any of the damage caused. Samurai Campers will not be responsible for any condition.

– Action to take when you hit something: Scratch, mark, dent.

1. Send pictures to our team.

2. Call the police, they write the report.

3. Call the insurance company. Explain to them about the accident/scratch/mark/dent.

+ We request customers to drive extra safely as Japanese roads are narrower compared to most countries. As well as we drive on the right-hand drive.

an  Once you pay the deposit, it means you accept our terms and conditions and the rules mentioned above.

PLEASE HAVE TRAVEL INSURANCE THAT COVER RENT A CAR. So incase of an accident, your travel insurance will cover the excess fee.

  • NOC!!!
Incase the campervan is brought back damaged, it will mean we will need to repair the campervan and cancel a booking for the next customer. You will be fined for the rental days lost/ business loss. No matter how small it is, we will still be needing it to be kept in the garage to repair it. The minimum is 50,000 yen if it will take from 1 day to 7 days. We will not debate on reducing the prices for the insurance or NOC. As these are fixed prices.
Compensation contentCompensation amount
Liability for damageBodily Injuryunlimited
ObjectiveUnlimited with ¥100,000 per incident deductible
Drivers and passengersPersonal injury¥30 million per person
Campervan on  rentalCar insuranceFair price with ¥100,000 per incident deductible

Non-Operation Charge (NOC)In case the vehicle became inoperative for any trouble or accident that occurred during the rental, we will charge the driver extra to compensate the business loss.

If the rented car is returned to the designated location (the repair period is from 1 to 7 days)¥50,000 (tax-exempt)
If the rented car is returned to the designated location (the repair period is from 8 to 14 days)¥100,000(tax-exempt)
If the rented car is returned to the designated location (if the repair period is over 14 days)¥200,000 (tax-exempt)
Additional charge If the rented car cannot be returned to the designated location¥100,000 (tax-exempt)
  • ※¥300,000 will be charged if the vehicle was not returned to the station, regardless of its condition.